Where To Sell Art Paintings Online

lighthouse painting

The Internet has changed the face of commerce forever – now businesses and individuals can target people who have an interest in their products or services with greater focus than ever before. Today you can find buyers in less time than ever before and the rise of secure payment options such as Paypal and eCommerce solutions for credit card payments mean that you can receive payment for your goods and services quickly, efficiently and safety.

This is especially important when you are selling high ticket goods or specialized items such as art.

There are several answers to the question where to sell art paintings online, however the key to successful online art sales is to know what you want to get out of the transaction and how you are going to maximize your chances of getting those sales. Here are some hints to get you that first sale as quickly as possible.

#1 Finding The Right Platform.

Perhaps the most important first step to finding the right outlet for your art is to identify a site that specializes in finding buyers for your particular type of art. For instance if you specialize in watercolors with a science fiction or fantasy theme then a site like www.epilogue.net might be the right place for you.

#2 Right Pricing.

Once you have found a site that features art in your niche then it’s time to find the right price point for your art. Review the art that is already on the site and take note that if you are a new artist you are going to have to have to build up a following before you are able to really rake in the cash. Patience is key.

#3 Give The People What They Want.

While reviewing the site that you have chosen take a look at what art has sold in the past and vary your offerings accordingly. It’s no good staying true to your artistic vision if you aren’t making sales.

#4 Cast Your Net Wide.

There is no need to rely on a single outlet. Select a few outlets that will enable you to reach as many potential clients as possible. Once you identify a few sites put up different pieces and promote them through a combination of the work itself and copy that explains your inspiration behind the piece.

#5 Go Where The Traffic Is.

Make sure to make use of very large art sites such as http://www.deviantart.com/ this is the best way to get your art known. The artists on sites like this will also serve to inspire you. Many have gone from relative unknowns to hugely successful. There are also chat rooms and noticeboards where you can look for answers to any of the questions you might have.

#6 Become The Master Of Your Own Destiny.

Many of the sites that you identify are going to charge you for their services or want a commission on any sale that is sourced through the site. This is especially true of the larger and more established sites. Yes there are sites which will allow you to showcase your art for free – but at some point if you really want to start making money you will have to pay.

That’s why real answer to where to sell art paintings online is on your own site – at least when you’ve built up a name for yourself. By using social media sites and providing great content you’ll be able to get yourself noticed by the search engines and then you can really supercharge your artistic career.

So where to sell art paintings is a complex question – but keep at it and maintain your focus and leverage the Internet. It’s the most effective way to reach a large pool of potential buyers.