Types Of Digital Printing

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There are many advantages to changing from the traditional analogue printing to plateless or on-demand production or digital printing. In fact, the need for mass-production is shifting to high-mix, low-volume or multi-product printing in the production plants across the country. The demand for on-demand or digital printing is expanding today. Digital printing makes it possible to print multi-products in low volumes in less time and cheaper than conventional printing methods.

Benefits Of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers the ability to print various materials in full colour and gradation. The limitation of colours become a thing of the past with on-demand printing. This is done in one process without the use of plates – which saves a lot of time and enables quick delivery. On the other hand, colour-matching time is greatly reduced with on-demand printing. It is now possible to create a single sample with the same quality of the final product thanks to the latest technology in the industry.

Using digital data makes it much easier since the printing process can start right away compared to analogue printing which needs time to match the colours before the printing process could start. Digital printing doesn’t require such a time. That is why it is so convenient when compared with most of the other printing methods out there.

Printing without plates and the limited production process would reduce the cost of printing when digital printing is used. Anybody with some experience can learn the process compared to conventional methods which have a lengthier learning curve. Digital printing is quite simple since it doesn’t require the technician to have the knowledge of prepress or blending ink. On-demand printing is ideal for printing small volumes. The needs of your could be answered quickly thanks to digital printing.

The Different Types Of Digital Printing

Digital printing comes in two major types such as inkjet and toner. In fact, inkjet is a method of ink projection on paper. The paper is usually loaded onto rolls which allows for high-speed printing. This type of printer can print up to 500 colour images per minute depending on the model of the printer.

On the other hand, a toner cartridge contains a powder that is made of plastic and other resins. The toner is electronically deposited on the media. It is then cooked to become permanent. A toner cartridge will deliver high-quality prints – whatever type of print (image or text) you choose to get from it.

Printers that use toner cartridges come in colour or monochrome. A toner cartridge is more expensive compared to an inkjet cartridge. But the former has a longer lifespan compared to the latter. The choice of printing method may depend on your personal preference and budget.

Out of the various kinds of digital printing, web-to-print is a method that you should learn about. It will allow you to print directly from the internet or a word processing software. It provides flexibility and allows you to take advantage of the latest technology.

It is the preferred choice in case you plan to print self-adhesive labels, customised labels, cards, and more. Web-to-print is really convenient to B2B companies that wish to control their printing and cut costs in the process. It simplifies the ordering process. That is why you should be taking advantage of the method right now.

Digital printing has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It is one of the most popular printing methods out there today. The aforementioned article provides information on the many benefits of digital printing.