Types of Art Work for the Public to Enjoy

The world of art includes many different forms and brings pleasure to people across the globe. Art can be found in galleries, at art shows, in private homes, and more. What are some examples of types of artwork to enjoy?



mona lisa by leonardo da vinci

A painting, one of the oldest forms of artwork, is a two-dimensional art form where color or colors, typically paint, is applied with a brush, knife, sponge or another tool, to a surface, such as canvas, wood, glass, clay, and much more.  A painting can be made with acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolors, and more, and can take on various forms such as still life, abstract, photographic, and more.



wildlife photography

Photography is the art of taking photographs typically with the use of a camera.  Artistic photography falls under fine art photography.  Fine art photography can take on many forms.  These types include nature, still life, abstract, portrait, and more.  Fine art photography is more than just taking a photo.  There is always an artistic element that makes the image distinctive.



printing device

Print art takes on many different forms.  It’s considered original art and is typically formed by printing or transferring images on paper.  Various types of print art include etching, woodcut, linocut, engraving, screenprint, lithography, and more.  What is distinctive about prints is that they typically come in multiples and are identified with signatures and numbers.




Drawings are some of the oldest forms of visual art.  Tools such as pencils, pen and ink, crayons, charcoal, pastels, and more are applied to a surface, usually on some form of paper, cardboard or another two-dimensional image, to create a picture.  Drawings are typically found in particular methods such as animation, architecture, and technical drawing.   One common form of a drawing is a sketch.  This is a freehand method of drawing that is often the start of what will become a finished work.



house craft knitting

Crafts in the art world are made by artisans.  A craft can be furniture, a sculpture, jewelry, a rug, and much more.  It can be strictly decorative, or it can be functional.  Crafts involve manual dexterity, and often artisans who produce crafts specialize in a particular type, such as pottery.



sculpture at bratislava channel

Sculptures are some of the oldest art forms.  They are typically three-dimensional art forms (but can also be two-dimensional) made by molding and shaping the material into a design or figure.  The earliest sculptures were made with stone and ivory.  Sculptures are also made with bronze, marble, metal, wood, glass and more.   This form of art can be created by carving, modeling, casting and more.


Performance Art

ballet performing arts

Performance art is a newer art form first seen in the 1960s.  It is a kind of art that is created as a result of a performance that’s either scripted or unscripted.  Such performances may be live, or they may be recorded. Therefore, the performers may be present, or they may be absent.  Performance art can be performed by an individual or a group of people.  Typically, some image or message is meant to be conveyed with performance art which is intended to make an audience think about what is being presented.



sydney birdcage - installation art

An installation is another art form, typically three-dimensional, that is one of the newer forms dating back to the 1970s.  It is a kind of art that’s size (usually large or gigantic) populates a designated space whether inside or outside a gallery on a temporary basis or permanent.  They are often commissioned for particular spaces and represent particular themes.  The materials used may be manmade or natural and can include other media, such as sound.