Tips for Picking the Best Rug for Your Bedroom

The fact that you go to sleep in your bedroom should not mean that you cannot decorate it. 

In some cases, you might be bored by how it looks but do not have the resources to finance a full makeover. 

A beautiful and cosy rug can do the trick and make this place better without having to spend much. 

Rugs are good for aesthetics, but they offer more than this, something that gives you another reason for getting one for your bedroom.

You will come across several types of rugs and picking one for this area can easily overwhelm you. 

This article will look at some of the critical things that will help you to find the best kind of rug for your bedroom. 

Why Should You Buy A Bedroom Rug?

A bedroom rug offers much more than the aesthetic value. It helps with the insulations and keeps away all the hard sounds that tend to bounce on hard floors.

For instance, a wooden floor might creak when you move about, but a rug will significantly reduce these sounds. It will also help to regulate the temperature of the room. 

You will feel more comfortable walking around the room even without having to put on sandals.

How To Choose A Suitable One

It is easy to go and pick the best-looking rug, but it might not be the most suitable one. It is advisable to look into a couple of factors that help to determine the best fit for your bedroom.

The first thing to look at is the flooring material in your bedroom. Look at the material, colour, and style in general. 

This is important since different materials react differently when a rug is put on them. Tiles are very slick, and you might need unique mats that won’t slide over them. 

It also helps to look at how cold or warm the carpet is. Wood floors are warmer, and you can easily use a thinner mat. Tiles are colder and are best suited to the thick rugs.

The second thing is the size of the bedroom. Your options are not limited for the larger rooms as you can opt for a big rug or small ones placed in different locations. 

Smaller rooms tend to restrict your options since the main idea is to find a rug that is proportion to the room. 

The geometry of the room is another crucial factor to consider as mismatching shapes can spoil the décor. If the room is square, it is advisable to find a square rug.

The colour and design of the rug contribute a lot to the aesthetics. Look at the overall design of the room and the colour of most of the fittings in it. 

The rug will have a significant impact on the room, and it should complement it comprehensively.

Bedroom Rug Ideas

While we cannot give a perfect rug for different types of bedrooms, we can provide recommendations on the top options to look at.

For the master bedroom, it is crucial to find one that can be laid under the bed with a significant portion sticking out. 

This will keep your feet warm when sitting on the bed while still looking aesthetically pleasing. 

For modern designs, it helps to look at rugs that will strike a little difference between the mat and pieces of furniture. 

Hardwood and laminate floors are best suited by vintage rugs which are stunning and can make a bedroom look fabulous. 

Smaller rooms are better suited by striped rugs which make them look longer than usual. However, ensure that the stripes are in tandem with the original bedroom colour. Make sure to check out The Rug Lady for more rug selections.