The Fantastic World of Digital Art

Throughout time, art has been expressed by virtually every civilization, engraved in caves or recorded in entombed villages. Various cultures also preserved art through museums and private collections.

New Art Form

In recent years, a new art form entered the world unlike anything seen before – the world of digital art. It began to take off through computer availability to the masses.

Today, digital art comes in numerous:

  • Forms
  • Styles

It’s incredible to think about what can be done by the power of computers. Things impossible before can be done with a few key pushes. Well, maybe not always that easily.


As one form of digital art, filmmaking gave filmmakers a different perspective. Some have put off certain productions until the art form could catch up with their vision.

In the past:

  • Cities and other settings had to be in miniature models to show angles from airplanes, for example
  • Scenes had to be shot on location, requiring a great deal of expense


  • All of the crew and equipment have to be shipped to the location and back
  • Accommodations for the stay had to be covered

Digital Images

Today, all of these can be handled by:

  • Filming in front of a green screen
  • Using digital images to make the scene come alive

In creating film, digital technology can remarkably do these:

  • A couple can pretend to dive from an exploding bomb in the middle of a parking lot
  • When around them there’s nothing

Digital art has replaced more traditional methods like some cartoonists now rely upon it entirely. Also, there are programs to teach people various art forms.

Computer Programs

Other programs and tools designed to bring digital and other art forms together are available. For example, elaborate quilting programs can help:

  • Quilters design their pieces
  • Before sewing

This digital assistance can be quite beneficial.

As a fascinating part of our past and present culture, art in digital form tremendously makes changes today. In the future, we’ll certainly have exciting things to learn. Anyone interested in art should take time to explore digital art for amazing insights.