What The Purpose Of Art And Music Is In Society And Why Parents Should Teach Them At Home

kid paint using his fingers

Due to budget cuts over the past 2 decades many public schools have cut funding for their art and music classes. There are a lot of reasons why this is bad, but primarily children need these programs because they tend to enhance parts of the brain that handle math, creativity and logic. Studying math, creativity and logic will only help a child learn a certain amount of basic skills, but to reach the highest levels, then the addition of music and art is needed to help train the brain. It’s impossible to know the long-term detrimental effects of these budget cuts, only time will tell.

What Can The Concerned Parent Do To Enhance Art And Music Learning

Once a parent has committed to the concept that art and music have a basic purpose in society, then it’s imperative to get children the education and help they need to succeed. There are plenty of online homeschool websites available that have complete curriculums laid out for an entire year on nearly any subject, including art and music.

Since your child is already attending school, you only need to concentrate on the categories that you feel are lacking in your child’s education and then get started teaching them at home. The beauty of the online homeschool curriculum is that they are usually quite complete with sources to buy many of the needed supplies both locally and online as well.

When It Comes To Music Instruction You Can Start Simple

There are tons of free downloadable children’s songs that are ready made for teaching children how to sing, dance and play simple instruments. Starting at a basic level is important to find out if your child has an interest in a particular type of music or instrument. It’s also important to keep their options open should they want to change their focus in the future, as they discover more about music, their interests will change over time.

There are local music teachers that can teach beginning piano, guitar, drums or other instruments to your children, but you shouldn’t start them too early on something they would feel forced to do, like daily practice. If it becomes a chore it could be detrimental in the long run.

Many Art Museums Have Weekly Art Classes Open To All

Check with your local art museums, and children’s art museums to see if they have regular classes for young children to explore and learn about art. You’ll find that many have these programs because they’re worried about the public school’s lack of funding for art education. Once a child has started in one of these classes more avenues will open and opportunities will arise just because of the connections available from the museum.

It’s Important To Keep The Art And Music Light And Fun

One of the main focuses of having your children take extracurricular art and music classes is to teach them the fun and excitement of doing both, either on their own for entertainment, or in groups with other kids. By teaching the love of art, for instance, you may plant the seed of becoming an architect, graphic designer, clothes designer, or even a sports shoe designer. There are hundreds of occupations that revolve around art that haven’t even been discovered yet.

The same will be the case with studying music. Some students may go on to be rock stars while others may earn a living making videos for an advertising company or running the sound mixer at a TV station, it’s hard to tell. But, by having the love of music they’ll be further along than all the other students that never were introduced to music at all.

Getting your children to understand the value of art and music in society isn’t really important. What is important, is for them to develop a love for being creative and using that part of their brain which will have long lasting effects on other parts of their brain as they grow and develop.