Has Photoshop Actually Ruined Art For Everyone?

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Prior to the age of the Internet, even before it was possible to take photographs, artwork such as paintings and drawings were the main medium by which images could be conveyed. People would have to become more proficient at drawing and painting in order to create images of the places that they have been. Although photography has not caused any negativity to the concept of art, Photoshop may definitely have done some damage. There are many reasons why Photoshop has literally changed not only our perception of art but also diminished its overall value. Let’s look at the reasons why this well-known software program for modifying images has done nothing but harm to the world of art.


What Is Photoshop?


Photoshop is a software program that is able to take digital imagery and manipulate the data behind each image. It is possible to change the brightness, color, tone, and resolution of images that are taken. Whether you have a digital camera, or you are using your smartphone, it’s very easy to download these images to your computer and improve their appearance. Photoshop has actually become a descriptive term in our modern age for any type of image that looks too good to be true.


How Photoshop Has Damaged The Perception Of Art


There are a couple of reasons why Photoshop may have permanently damaged the perception of art within the minds of people today. Long ago when an artist was highly gifted, they were actually revered because of the quality of the images they were able to either draw or paint. Today, computers are able to create crystal clear images, and digital cameras make it possible to avoid the time-consuming process of painting what we see. Photoshop can take any image and make it look absolutely perfect by simply adjusting a few settings. As a result of this, what used to take weeks or even months with painting now takes just seconds. If you see something on the side of the road that you would like to take a picture of, there is no need to get out your easel or sketchpad. You simply click a button, and it is yours to keep. Photoshop is able to take these images and create an absolute masterpiece that goes far beyond what the greatest painters and sketch artists are able to do. Therefore, it has certainly damaged the value of art from the perception of those that are using this software program and digital photographs.


How Photoshop Has Damaged The Need For Art


Photoshop has also damaged the need for art, whether you are talking about a painting or a drawing. We live in a world where instant results are expected, even demanded, and painting a picture simply does not fit into our lifestyle today. The need for art has been replaced with digital photography, and Photoshop has made this even worse. The quality of the prints that can be printed once they have been Photoshopped eliminates the value in anything that is painted, or anything that is sketched, simply because it takes too long to do. If all you need to do is snap a picture, manipulated with Photoshop, and send the image to family and friends, it has literally made painting and sketching a dying art that has no value society.


Has Photoshop Made Art Valueless?


The answer to this question is no. Beautiful paintings, sculptures, and drawings are always going to be valued by those that have the gift. They will also be of great value due to their scarcity such as paintings by an artist that was highly revered, who is now deceased. For example, you could never command several million dollars for a digital picture as you would for a van Gogh or Monet. Photoshop has simply eliminated the need to learn how to paint, or to learn how to draw because taking digital pictures and manipulating them to perfection is so easy to do.


In conclusion, Photoshop has done some damage to the world of art, but art is here to stay. Art is simply going to be limited to a choice few people that are gifted at sculpting, painting, or drawing. There is no need to learn how to become a better painter when you have Photoshop and digital equipment to literally make the artwork for you. It has simply diminished the value of art in the eyes of our modern generation who simply place more value on speed than they do develop a natural talent.