All You Need To Know About Choosing Sydney Gynaecologists

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When you have discovered you are pregnant, the next step will typically be deciding who you would like to offer you care and where you want to give birth.  While many choices are available to you, the number of options is dependent on where a person lives. For example, if you reside in a major city you will have a wider range of options than if you reside in a small town.  General medical practitioners are often aware of the choices available in a local area; however, there are other sources of information including contacting the local hospital.

This article will provide information on gynaecologists and how to go about choosing Sydney gynaecologists.


What Services Do Midwives Offer And How Can I Locate A Midwife?

The international definition of a midwife is a professional who can provide the necessary care and advice to females during their pregnancy, labor, and post-partum period. The midwife is also obliged to perform deliveries and care for the newborn infant.  Of course, this type of care does present with additional features including the use of preventative measures, the identification of abnormalities in child and mother, the execution of emergency medical procedures in the absence of medical help, and the procurement of medical help when necessary.


Midwives have significant roles to play outside of the birthing situation as well as inside it.  The midwife can be involved in health counselling and education for the family, community, and the new mother.  This work will typically involve antenatal education with preparation for parenthood among new parents. The education extends to different areas of family planning, child care, and gynaecology.  



Midwifery is a holistic approach focusing on the individual’s physical, social, psychological, and spiritual being.  This professional believes that pregnancy and birth are normal events to be carried out by females making the woman feel calm during the act of labor.  While midwives can help women give birth at birthing centers and in hospitals, it is common for women to use midwives in the safety of their own home. These midwives often practice independently and will have visiting rights to different hospitals.


When utilizing the services of an independent midwife, you will be able to select the professional with whom you feel most comfortable.  It can be difficult to identify the independent midwives operating in an area; therefore, it is recommended that you contact the relevant midwifery associations or gain referrals from midwifery programs.

Can My GP Help Deliver My Baby?

GPs, also known as general medical practitioners, are medical professionals that are trained to treat the entire family.  As a general practitioner, this individual is skilled in many different areas of medicine but does not specialize in a single area.  The GP is typically the first person a woman would see when they learn they are pregnant and many people will continue to see their GPs.  This type of medical care is known as ‘shared care’.


Shared care refers to a dual-care provided by the local hospital and the general practitioner.  In some cases, the GP is able to offer full maternity care without having trained or qualified as obstetricians.  The majority of GPs, however, do prefer females to give birth at the hospital and they will attend the female at this location.  It is considered a safer option as there is access to obstetricians if there are any abnormalities or complications during the birth.


What Are Obstetricians And What Do They Do?

The obstetrician is a type of medical professional who specializes in obstetrics – a branch of medicine dealing with the management of females during pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.  Obstetricians can specialize in abnormal or complicated birthing conditions and learn how to treat these particular cases. The obstetrician, unlike the midwife, focuses on the physical aspect of birth entirely and does not examine the psychological or spiritual elements of the individual.  While they can see patients in private, they will only operate within a hospital environment.


Final Words On The Matter

Pregnancy and birth are complicated issues that require care when choosing the best gynaecologist.  Using the information above you can determine which is the best option for your particular situation.