Is Digital Art Really Considered Art?

Different samples of Digital Art

There are a lot of people that think digital art doesn’t count as real art. This is something that you can learn more about here through an opinion that says it is. Why is it considered art to some? Here’s why and it should make it clear to those that are willing to look at it from a perspective of an artist.

When people say that digital art doesn’t count as the real art, they tend to say it’s because you’re taking shortcuts. However, it can be said that it’s an art to program things to look a certain way because you have to be creative for these things to look right. Being creative is the foundation for creating artwork, and that’s something that people don’t see in people like programmers. Just look at your smartphone or things like the system in your vehicle that keeps it running and realize it took creativity and a flair for being artistic to make these things work.

Art that looks like it was made digitally is something that a lot of people think has to have been super simple to put together. Maybe you put a filter on a photograph and all of a sudden people call it fake or not a good piece. That’s just not true either because the original part of the image before the effects had to be found by using an artistic eye. Not only that but knowing what filters to put on an image is usually something people that do good art can do right.

You may think that digital art is just someone randomly using a computer to make images look a certain way. That seems to be something people don’t consider to be art because it’s a lot of randomnesses that creates it. Then there’s the fact that if that’s not art, you’re saying that abstract paintings are not art either. In reality, when you are creating something you are putting your mood into it. That being said, it’s hard to accurately replicate a lot of the most random pieces making them a piece of art in most eyes.

Most people that draw on a computer don’t just use a mouse. They have tablets that they can draw on like they are paper, and that’s a good thing because it saves someone money. Paints, paper, canvas, and other supplies cost quite a bit of money, and it’s not fair to say that these are the only mediums that can be worked with. When humans first did art, they worked on cave walls. Who is to say that it’s wrong to do art digitally now that we have the ability to and that the old ways on paper are now the cave paintings of today?

Digital art is art. If you go by what is created by a person then it for sure is art. Just because it’s stored digitally or displayed in a digital way doesn’t take away from the effort that went into the piece.