What Are The Amazing Benefits Of Floatation Tank Therapy?

floatation tank therapy | Elevation Floatation

The floatation tank therapy has been recognized by many as an effective and ideal way to improve both happiness and health. This form of therapy is performed in the presence of warm salt water. Here, you need to float using a float tank. It has been done in the form of research to determine how sensory deprivation affects the human mind and brain.

In this method, isolated tanks cut off all your sensory experience: a sense of sound, tough, sight, and smell. All tanks are full of water having the same temperature as the body of the floater. Normal sensation will be obscured because of the discrete limbs in a space.

With the presence of Epsom salt (in a huge, amount), floatation therapy allows you to float in a relaxed and peaceful manner. The effortless way of floating results in a peaceful feeling which begins its impact on the mind and body.


A Brief Background

The person behind this incredible floatation therapy is John C. Lilly, a neuroscientist, and a researcher. He was convinced that a dolphin’s brain carries supreme intelligence from which human beings can use in resolving any problems.

He started constructing water-filled living spaces in the 1950s. Then sensory deprivation studies and experiments were pursued in the 1960s to 1970s. He used ketamine and LSD which are known for developing a trance-like state. At the same time, these provide sedation and pain relief.

Nowadays, more people have been taking advantage of the benefits derived from this form of floating therapy. Some of these advantages are:


– Improved Sleep And Rest.

For those who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, it is highly recommended to get a good sleep regularly. Doing so ensures that the brain will function well and it prevents detrimental effects in the future. Studies revealed that floating for at least 2 hours per week improves sleep issues. It can refresh and restore the senses making you relaxed, rested and worry-free.


Floatation Therapy | Elevation Floatation

– Treat Stress-Related Issues.

Floatation tank therapy can act as a stress antidote. You get a sense of inner peace and relaxation. After this process, you will notice that colors become more vibrant. Your surroundings will look much better and more positive.

– Treats Fibromyalgia.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, there is a significant effect of this floating therapy. It temporarily reduces muscle tension, anxiety, sadness, stress, and pain. On the other hand, it boosts energy, ease of movement and sense of well-being.

– Pain Relief.

The common body pains experienced by many people are stiffness and tension on should and lower back portion. Based on multiple studies and patient testimonials, floating therapy acts as a natural pain reliever.


– Free From Anxiety.

Many adults suffer from anxiety including GAD or General Anxiety Disorder. Performing floatation therapy can give a relief and reduce such problem.


– Enough Magnesium In The Body.

The body with low amount of magnesium leads to experiencing adverse health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and headaches. It can even develop heart disease in the years to come. Since this therapy uses Epsom salt-infused water, the body absorbs an additional source of magnesium. This is sufficient in facilitating the release of lactic acid coming from weary muscles.


– Healthy Skin.

In every floating session, your skin tends to glow and be healthy. This process works well in unclogging pores, clearing up skin breakouts, and reducing blackheads.

– Healthy Hair Restoration.

The presence of Epsom salt gives benefits to your hair. Floatation sessions help your hair restore its natural beauty. It even helps in creating more volume and have thicker hair.


– Take A Break From Gadgets.

Electronic gadgets cause severe problems when overused. It is the brain that has been suffering from the effects of these things. Thus, a floating therapy will help a lot.


– Overcome Addiction.

People who have been fighting against drug addiction, including nicotine and alcohol, have experienced improvement in managing this problem.


With floating therapy, there is nothing to worry about being claustrophobic. It is because you have sufficient space. You can float naked as you will be in a totally private place. This is also an ideal place for those who have OCD. The entire process is clean because of the purification systems did after each user.