All about Symbolism Art in the Fashion Industry

An increasing number of artistic symbols found its way to mainstream businesses like the fashion industry. Clothing brands incorporate crosses, pentagrams, the all-seeing eye and other symbols. With their extensive use, you wonder what it all means. Let’s explore how these symbols affect our way of life and spirituality’s global knowledge as well.

Universal Languages

As a universal language, we process symbols on our subconscious level where our actions are led. For example:

  • We stop at red-colored lights
  • We know which button activates televisions due to their symbols

However, symbolism art’s energy goes beyond day-to-day-to use.

Esoteric Symbols

With hidden meanings, these symbols are understood only by a handful of people. Throughout time, they’ve been used in different spiritual traditions to steer truth seekers. Essentially benign, they are:

  • Neither good nor bad
  • Attractive to both light and dark forces

Used in Popular Culture

Esoteric symbols are also used in these industries:

  • Music business – You really wonder why most artists would use them in their album art
  • Online games – Most say they’re cool to look at

There may be some larger forces at work with a sinister plan of world domination.

Approached from a Religious Perspective

With esoteric symbols in popular culture, most artists approach their work from a religious perspective, and thus consider all esoteric symbols as part of Satanic or anti-Christian agenda. Frequently utilized in a sinister context, it seems these artists:

  • Entrenched all esoteric symbols as “evil”
  • Have abused these symbols in a way

They’ve also overlooked that most esoteric symbols have a positive spiritual meaning in their original context, indicating esoteric symbols:

  • Are symbols of light
  • Have only been twisted into darkness

Misused and Mistreated

Symbols are now misused and mistreated in popular culture and in the fashion industry.

Recently, the all-seeing eye has been used most extensively and inconspicuously to have a subliminal impact on the viewer. Conspiracy theorists like to say it’s a secret society’s symbol known as the Illuminati and their agenda for world domination. However, its origins are from God’s divine omniscience, really a far cry from its hijacked meaning.